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9 Replies to “ Laaton Ke Bhoot Baaton Se Nahin Maante ”

  1. bunty has no manner. he is very rude kintifusorquephos.neubrihufropamonarbechevselybir.infoinfo hain na laaton ke bhoot baaton se nahin maante yeh wohi hai. maine apni puri life main itni indiciplined aadmi nahin dekha sumit on Oct 4th, at pm.
  2. Feb 10,  · It means that certain people are not amenable to the language of love, courtesy, politeness and leniency and need to be dealt with harshly and violently to .
  3. May 23,  · This good looking actor, who has always managed to impress critics and the audience alike with his spot-on performances, was bashed up by the producers of .
  4. Mar 16,  · ‘laaton ke bhoot baaton se nahi maante' roughly translates to- Punishment is justice for the unjust. EDIT: A better one is- Punishment cravers do not understand talks.
  5. "There is a saying in Hindi: Laaton ke bhoot, baaton se nahin maante (Those used to force are not persuaded by words). So I had to give them the shock treatment," he explains. Only, Jha's "shock.
  6. May 22,  · Hinduism Defense Thursday, May 22, Indonesian clerics call for the banning of Ahamdiyas. Regarding: " LAATON KE BHOOT "" Laaton Ke Bhoot, Baaton Se Nahin Maante "" Laaton Ke Bhoot " need a Kick In The A**, believe you me. Nothing else will work with the " Laaton Ke Bhoot. " Without this kick in the A** of the Sullas & the Kharistas.
  7. Jul 10,  · While Jai is taught by his mother Savitri (Ratna Pathak Shah) to be a quiet, non-violent Gandhian and the complete opposite of what his father (Naseeruddin Shah) was, Aditi is more of a believer and a follower of ‘Laaton ke bhoot, baaton se nahin maante’ (One who doesn’t get convinced by words needs to be convinced by kicks).
  8. This protest will be remembered for memes and sense of humor. Politics. Root cause of the problem. This protest will be remembered for memes and sense of humor. Politics. comments. share. save hide report. 93% Upvoted. Log in or sign up to leave a comment log in sign up. Laaton ke bhoot baaton se nahin maante. level 2.
  9. Laatoen ke bhoot batoen se nahi mante The ghost of feet don't agree to talks Meaning: Those who are stubborn will not be easliy convinced by logical talking.

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